It was a new day, and Twilight tries to open her eyes. She didn't notice that she overslept, and she was late for breakfast with her pony friends. Eyes half closed, Twilight sees Spike getting up from bed and disturbing her.

Spike: Twilight, time to get up! A new day's starting! You don't wanna get late for breakfast with your friends, don't you?

Trying not to fall asleep, Twilight gets up from bed and asks Spike what time it was. Spike replies that it was 7:30 in the morning, but Twilight didn't believe him. Twilight then tries to speak, but then she fell asleep again.

Spike: Twilight. We need to get to Sweet Apple Acres right away. This is the very first time you have overslept. Even I woke up before you. Remember to wear a coat, scarf, and hoof covers.

Twilight then remembers of the invitation from Applejack and Rainbow Dash that was in her mailbox. She knew that she couldn't leave out her friends. She was never late for anything. In fact, she was never overslept. Especially if it was for her friends or Princess Celestia. Twilight then pulls herself up and brings her to the bathroom, mumbling to Spike.

Twilight:(mumble voice) Spike, can we cancel the breakfast? I need my sleep.

Spike: Twilight, it's Rainbow's celebration.

Twilight then gets ashamed of herself. She remembered when Rainbow Dash got promoted as a member of the Wonderbolts. She thought to herself, What in the land of Equestria get her promoted as a member of the Wonderbolts?

Twilight: (awake) SPIKE! How did she get promoted?

Spike: You don't remember? She got promoted because Spitfire and Soarin' were trying to save Daisy from a hole in her balloon, but then a swift of branches injured their wings and fell. But not to the floor, because Rainbow Dash in a time of a blink and saved both Spitfire and Soarin'. But not only that, she also saved Cheerilee from the balloon! It's a miracle! I mean, you're friends with not only the spirit of Loyalty, but you are also a friend of a member of the Wonderbolts! And then Rainbow Dash was like, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

Twilight: Oh, I really need to go!

Twilight then gets into a rush and accidentaly rips her shower curtains. Spike then complains, but Twilight covers his mouth with her hoof and continues her rush.

Spike: Twilight! You broke my antique Princess Celestia and Princess Luna shower curtains! Princess Luna gave that to me for having fun with her. But I thought she was still Night Mare Moon....

Twilight bothers to reply to Spike, and then turns her head around while running. She then runs into a bookshelf filled with her favorite books. Twilight then hollers to Spike. Spike runs over to the shelf and organizes the books.

Spike: Twilight! Please, stop! You're doing too much damage! If you stop the rush, you'll be alright! And your friends will be, too! Just, stop! You're ruining everything! It's okay if you're late, because you'll be off the hook. It's your friends, they'll be alright with you being late.

Twilight: Doesn't mean I can sleep more! Spike, why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you wake me up at the opening of Sweet Apple Acres?

Spike stands there, while Twilight waits for an answer. Unfortunately, Spike runs away and gets all the things Twilight needs.

Twilight: Huh, no response. I wonder what could've stopped him from replying.

Twilight gives Spike the stare Fluttershy taught her

Spike: Okay, okay! I'll tell you! Just, don't give me the stare! I hate that trick! Okay, here's the answer. I didn't tell you to wake up because I was sleeping, and then woke up. But you looked so peaceful and tired.

Twilight: Oh, Spikey wickey. You know I need my rest, but I also need to be with my schedule.

Spike: Okay, fine. Cmon Hurry! Put your coat, scarf, and hoof-covers on, we gotta slip away!

Twilight then puts on her clothes as Spike's command. But, Spike doesn't really want to wear anything. He then explains why he doesn't need anything.

Twilight: Okay, now I have my clothes on. Now time to put your clothes on.

Spike: Aww man. Twilight, I'm not a baby dragon anymore.

Twilight: You are. You just don't act like one. You just hatched, Spike. Cmon. How about wear your new coat Rarity made for you? And not just that, but Fluttershy's Spikey-Wickey scarf. Then slip the pair of shoes Rainbow Dash gave you for your birthday. And, just for a little fuzzy, wear the candy beanie Pinkie Pie made for you.

Spike: I would look ridiculous!

Twilight: You're not. You're cute! Plus, half of the breakfast is outside, you know. Outside is pretty cold.

Spike: But,

Twilight interrupts, but Spike runs away and goes upstairs. He looks at himself, putting on the clothes one by one. When he got to Pinkie Pie's candy beanie, he put it on and looks in the mirror. Then said to himself,

Spike: Yup. I do look ridiculous, and puffy.

Twilight comes upstairs and looks at Spike, trying her best not to laugh.

Twilight: Well, well, well, looks like you WERE correct. But no worries. I don't really like those shoes Rainbow Dash gave you. Just wear these shoes instead. And how about your I ♥ Rarity beanie? You love that beanie. Keep Fluttershy's Spikey-Wickey scarf and Rarity's coat on.

Spike: Are you sure I still don't look ridiculous?

Twilight: Go check in the mirror. You look cute and fancy pants.

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